Ceragem Massage


Ceragem Massage is an advanced thermal massage bed that has combined the principles of both Eastern and Western Science. It blends advanced technology with traditional eastern practices to stretch and realign the spine to promote healing and melt away stress.

During a Ceragem Massage heat is used to stimulate pressure points, increase blood flow, improve circulation and unblock energy channels. It promotes relaxation of the muscles and tendons around the back of the body.


Ceragem Massage works by using:


Internal and external projectors apply acupressure along five energy channels of the back, thereby relieving a variety of symptoms and pain.

Far Infrared Rays:

That deeply penetrate the skin and under-laying tissues. it warms the body expanding blood vessels improving blood circulation and increasing general health.

A Jade Roller:

Heats the back of the body to stimulate and strengthen blood circulation. It also helps the energy flow of the body and reduces muscle tension.

When should you consider using Ceragem Massage?

The Ceragem Massage Bed is ideal after a massage treatment and compliments massage by:

  • Stretching and realigning the spine
  • Helping to melt away stress
  • Improving poor circulation
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Helping to reduce back pain
  • Improving shoulder pain
  • Relaxing tight tendons





A Ceragem Massage can be a wonderful compliment to other treatments available at the Kinglake Day Spa.

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$20.00 for 30 minute treatment

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