Relax & surrender with a full body massage based on Swedish techniques.

30min: $40, 45min: $55, 60min: $75, 75min: $90, 90min: $110


The use of firm pressure and a variety of advanced deep tissue massage techniques focus on areas of tightness and tension that may also be causing restriction in movement. This massage is excellent for easing pain and discomfort, muscle strains and tension headaches.

30min: $40 , 45min: $55,  60min: $75,   75min: $90, 90min: $110

Hot stones:

Using the weight and warmth of smooth volcanic basalt stones in combination with hand massage, this deeply comforting experience is wonderful for working through layers of mental and muscular tension. Circulation is enhanced to assist in easing headaches, arthritis & other musculoskeletal conditions and the soothing heat has a wondrous ability to release stress and heal the body.

60min: $85,  75min: $100, 90min: $115


Compliment a full body massage with the synergy of pure essential oils. A blend will be created specific to your individual need and desires to naturally enhance the benefits of massage. Scent, as the most enduring of the senses, has long been recognised to have the power to transform emotions and heal the body.

30min: $45,  45min: $60,  60min: $80,  75min $95,  90min: $110

Pregnancy massage:

Customised to each woman's needs and comfort this massage is nurturing, safe and deeply relaxing using techniques to help reduce stress and blood pressure, relieve strain on ankles, knees and back and increase lymph and blood flow.

30min: $40,   45min: $55,  60min: $75,  75min: $90,  90min: $110

The Ultimate Indulgence:

Pure bliss and indulgence, a combination of hot oil relaxation massage, incorporating Himalayan Rock Salt, Aromatherapy and Hot Stones.

The perfect combination for those who like a sample of all.

1 hour : $100

* please note, all  treatments incur a $15 surcharge for weekends and public holidays

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